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Kwik-Shift Shifters

by Precision Performance Products
The world's most popular racing and performance shifter for automatic transmissions.

The Kwik-Shift shifter is available for popular 2, 3, and 4-speed automatic transmissions, including clean neutral applications. Air shifting operation is available for all models, and electric shifting is available for Powerglide transmission applications.

Please use the Application Guide provided below to determine the correct shifter for the application, and if questions remain, please use one of our many support options (phone, HelpDesk, or live chat).

We have also added links to the KIT BUILDER for each shifter. The Kit Builder allows you to select the necessary components (mounting brackets, lever and and cable bracket, shifter cable, CO2 kit, and other items) needed to complete the installation. This way you can select only the necessary components without spending hard-earned money extra items you don’t need.

Kwik-Shift in race chassis

Features and Benefits

Unique Design


Since the first, prototype Kwik-Shift shifter was installed in 1987 (officially released in 1989), none have broken, failed, or required warranty replacement. That is more than 35 years of product design and manufacturing perfection! 

Made in the USA

Product Made in the USA

One Hand Operation

Every function is operated with just one one hand. No cramped reaching to a second lever to activate the reverse position.  Lightweight and accurate.

The #1 Choice

The Kwik-Shift is the most popular shifter for professional and street-strip racing applications, providing the best value in cost, performance, reliability and consistency that we demand.

Safety First

Neutral safety switch (when wired properly) only allows engine cranking (starting) operation when the shifter is in either neutral and park positions.

Application Guide for Kwik-Shift I and II Shifter Applications

Click on the shifter part number to pull up extensive product details, information, and component options. Footnotes are provided at bottom of the guide. Click on the KIT BUILDER  link to enter the product configurator for that shifter to select the various components necessary to complete the installation (floor brackets, shifter cable, lever arm and bracket, CO2 kit, etc.).

We have separated the Kwik-Shift KIT BUILDER into transmission groups. The puzzle icon link takes you to the correct builder for that transmission group. For example, TH400, TH350, and TH200 (metric) are in one group. Powerglide and TurboGlide (2-speed TH400) are another group, etc.

TransmissionShifter ModelValve BodyCable ExitUp-Shift Pattern
Part #1Kit Builder
GM TH400 / TH350Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-3-2-1401-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-N-R-P401-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3406-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25   3-2-1-N-R-P406-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-3-2-1451-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-N-R-P451-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3456-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25   3-2-1-N-R-P456-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-3-2-1201B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-N-R-P201B-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3208B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P208B-RE
TH400 ProHydro2Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N408-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P408-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N458-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P458-RE
GM PowerglideKwik-Shift I (Manual/Electric3)——-Rear(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-N-R-P411
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)——-Rear(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-2-1412
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual/Electric3)——-Front(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-2-1413
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)——-Rear(push) mustang iconh25  1-2-N-R-P461
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)——-Rear(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-2-1462
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)——-Front(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-2-1463
 Kwik-Shift II (Manual/Electric3)——-Rear(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-N-R-P211B
 Kwik-Shift II (Manual/Electric3)——-Front(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-2-1213B
GM 700R4, 200-4R,
4L60E, 4L80E
Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-4-3-2-1416-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-4-N-R-P416-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3-4418-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25   4-3-2-1-N-R-P418-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-4-3-2-1466-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-4-N-R-P466-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3-4468-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25   4-3-2-1-N-R-P468-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardFront(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-4-3-2-1216B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-4-N-R-P216B-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3-4218B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25   4-3-2-1-N-R-P218B-RE
Chrysler TorquefliteKwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardFront(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-N-R-P426-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardRear(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-3-2-1426-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P431-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3431-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardFront(pull) mustang iconh25   1-2-3-N-R-P476-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardRear(push) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-3-2-1476-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P481-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3481-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardFront4(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-3-2-1226B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardRear4(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-3-N-R-P226B-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseFront4(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3231B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseRear4(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P231B-RE
Chrysler ProFlite2Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P434-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N434-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront4(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N435-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear4(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P435-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P484-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N484-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront4(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R/N-1-2-3-N485-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear4(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P485-RE
Chrysler 47REKwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25   4-3-2-1-N-R-P430-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3-4430-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(push) mustang iconh25   4-3-2-1-N-R-P480-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(pull) mustang iconh25   P-R-N-1-2-3-4480-RE
Chrysler 48REKwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront4(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3-4432-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear4(push) mustang iconh25  4-3-2-1-N-R-P432-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardFront4(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-4-3-2-1427-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardRear4(pull) mustang iconh25 1-2-3-4-N-R-P427-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront4(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3-4485-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear4(push) mustang iconh25  N-3-2-1-N/R-P485-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardFront4(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-4-3-2-1477-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardRear4(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-3-4-N-R-P477-RE
Ford C4 / C6Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-3-2-1436-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-3-N-R-P436-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3441-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Manual)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P441-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardFront(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-3-2-1486-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)StandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-3-N-R-P486-RE
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3491-FT
 Kwik-Shift I (Air)ReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P491-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardFront(push) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-3-2-1236B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIStandardRear(pull) mustang iconh25  1-2-3-N-R-P236B-RE
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseFront(pull) mustang iconh25  P-R-N-1-2-3241B-FT
 Kwik-Shift IIReverseRear(push) mustang iconh25  3-2-1-N-R-P241B-RE

1  The Kwik-Shift I is now only available in the Black anodized finish. The red finish has been discontinued.
2 Clean Neutral applications
3 Compatible with part #345 Electric Shift Actuator
4 Front transmission entry

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